Clara’s Bouquet brings greetings with flowers

Together with Blumenland Engler in Leipzig, a seed mixture was developed which will delight many flower and music lovers and make Clara’s birthday visible to the entire city.


Sow Clara’s Bouquet and post a photo of the flowers together with your birthday greetings for Clara Schumann on the Schumann-Haus Facebook page. The most original planting arrangements will receive prizes provided by CLARA19 partners.

Entry deadline

The participation in the contest is possible until September 25th, 2019.

Post your photo, together with a birthday wish for Clara Schumann’s 200thbirthday on: adding #clara19

more information:

Claras Bouquet

In the Spring, Clara’s Bouquet will be sown in the green spaces around the Franz-Schubet-Platz and the Brahmsplatz (Clara-Zetkin-Park).

Summer seed mixture of ca. 30 types of flowers

Marigold (calendula), thyme (thymus), alyssum, devil in the bush (nigella), basketflower (centaurea), larkspur (delphinium), granny’s bonnet (aquilegia), vetchling (lathyrus), bindweed (convolvulus), safflower (carthamus), sunflower (helianthus debilis), maloppi, purple Spanish mallow (malope), scabious (scabiosa), flax (linum), chrysanthemum, poppy (papaver), catchfly (lychnis), corncockle (agrostemma), scorpionweed (phacelia), lupin (lupinus), bellflower (campanula), morning glory (pharbitis), zinnia, nasturtium (tropaeolum), lovage, dill, starflower, narrowleaf plantain, chervil, yarrow, blessed thistle, aniseed, garden angelica, fenugreek, dragonhead, fennel, camomille, sage, clover, black cumin, garden cosmos

Seed packets available in November

The seed packets will be available for purchase starting in mid-November at Blumenland Engler and in the Schumann-Haus. Starting in mid-December, the gift shop in the Grassi museum and the shop at the Buch-museum will also be selling “Clara’s Bouquet”. Starting in January 2019 with their Clara-Schumann-series, in the White House Markkleeberg, the Neue Leipziger Chopin-Gesellschaft e.V. (New Leipzig Chopin Society) (“Herfurthsche Hausmusik”) will have the flower mixture for sale as well (price: ca. 2 euro).

“Clara’s Bouquet” is supported by the city council on cultural affairs, the department of international cooperation of the city of Leipzig, the Leipzig Gewandhaus, Rahn Education, the SMOW GmbH, as well as Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH (LTM).

The idea for this charming initiative accompanying this anniversary year comes from Clara’s flower diaries, in which the pianist and composer collected and pressed flowers and bouquets, which were connected with memories and concert notes. On the occasion of Breitkopf & Härtel’s 300thbirthday, the Berlin flower diary will be released in a new edition at the 2019 Leipzig book fair.