The “Clärchen” as a sweet homage to Clara Schumann

On the occasion of Clara Schumann’s 200thbirthday, the bakery Jürgen Kleinert created a “Clärchen”.

The traditional Leipzig pastry “Die Lerche” (The Lark) will be turned into a “sweet homage” to Clara Schumann in 2019. The Kleinert family business specializes in the Original Leipziger Lerche. For that reason, the Lerchen packages are allowed to bear the Leipzig city crest. The songbird, with its varied song, and which lived in Leipzig’s meadows and fields, was prepared as a savory, stuffed pâté during the 18thand 19thcentury – an exquisite delicacy. The larks were often plucked immediately after the catch, then wrapped individually in paper and sent around the world in special boxes. The ones that remained in Leipzig would be offered for sale by the “Lerchenfrauen” (Lark women) in the Salzgäßchen. Due to overhunting and a severe storm, which caused many larks to lose their lives, lark hunting was prohibited in 1876. Shrewd Leipzig confectioners have since been compensating with the delightfully fragrant Leipziger Lerche in the shape of a pâté, made of oven-fresh shortcrust with marzipan and filled with marmalade. The shorcrust cross imitates the cross band which was used to tie up the stuffed animals.

The Original Leipziger “Clärchen” is available from now on and throughout the entire year at all Kleinert bakery branches as well as at several of the CLARA19 partners’ locations and of course at the Schumann-Haus.