Leipzig Tourism Prize 2019 for Clara19

The festival year CLARA19 of the city of Leipzig received the Tourism Prize 2019 in the category ´companies and institutions´. Since 2002 the Leipzig Tourism and Marketing (LTM) GmbH has honoured companies and institutions and since 2012 as well personalities that have shaped the tourism of the city notably. CLARA19 showed the vitality, variety, and the community spirit of the music city of Leipzig in an extraordinary way.

The Prize was presented by the director of the LTM, Volker Bremer, in the ´Leipziger Felsenkeller´ in December 2019. In his laudation, he said: “CLARA19 formed a unique euphoria not just in the music city of Leipzig but in the whole country accompanied by the national and international media. Over 200 events of more than 60 partners, a shining Corporate Design and a well thought concept of marketing – including Claras Bouquet and Clärchen – attracted much attention. Gregor Nowak, artistic director of CLARA19 and director of the Schumann-Haus and Franziska Franke-Kern, responsible for PR and Marketing, made a huge impact.

The patroness of CLARA19, mayor of culture Dr. Skadi Jennicke: “During the big festival year CLARA19 I experienced how great the excitement of the culture scene of Leipzig was to rediscover Clara Schumann. Over the year, the festival became an experiment with impressing self-reinforcing tendencies. Big and small culture operators built a program of more than 200 events together. The still “undiscovered” Clara Schumann showed new facets of the music city of Leipzig. So, traditional hegemonies start to change – and that is good. Full of respect, I would like to thank everybody who made the successful festival year “CLARA19” possible and I congratulate for winning deservedly the Leipziger Tourism Prize 2019!”

Until mid-January 2020 the festival year which was formed by the Gewandhaus, MDR Rundfunkchor, the Leipziger Ballett, the Schumann-Haus, the Leipziger Notenspur and many more operators could be experienced. The work with Clara Schumann had more to offer than orchestra and chamber music concerts: theatre and ballet productions, exhibitions, colloquiums, bike tours, hiking tours, concerts to sing along in the parks and an open-air service were all inspired by the variety of the star of the 19th century.

The traces of Clara Schumann could be pursued at historic places and her compositions sound at music places that were awarded with the European culture heritage seal. One highlight of the year was the Schumann festival week (12.-29. September). Since the 14th of September 2019, the Schumann-Haus has fascinated many visitors with a new exhibition. From that day on, it has been the first music museum of the world that is dedicated to a couple of artists.