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"Everyone asks if I don't travel"

Travel and the promise of financial independence
Follow the words of Clara Schumann and digitally embark on a journey back in time to the Schumann House in the 19th century.
Concert tours took Clara and Robert from Leipzig to Denmark and Russia - two arduous adventures between feelings of happiness and despair that confronted the young couple with both private and artistic challenges. You will be amazed at how many parallels you will discover to the present day.
Visit the Schumanns' first flat together in Leipzig, sitting comfortably in your living room!
Groups: up to 10 people
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: on request

Audio guide

You've never heard the Schumanns like this before! Artfully designed short features move you, open your mind and arouse your curiosity about the respective attractions in the museum. Discover all the rooms with feature author Magdalene Melchers and look forward to a new audio image in the audio image gallery every month.
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Come in!

Discover the Schumann House with a virtual tour.
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