Free admission to the Schumann House - on your 2nd visit

The Beletage at Inselstraße 18 with the rooms inhabited by Clara and Robert Schumann may seem manageable in terms of size. But the contents that can be discovered there make time fly by. Since the opening of the new permanent exhibition, the staff of the Schumann House have recorded a significant increase in the number of visitors and are particularly pleased about the many "return visitors". From now on, these visitors will receive a second free admission to the museum in order to delve deeper into the subject matter, especially in the listening cabinet or the marriage experiment room. This makes the Schumann House the first museum in Leipzig to respond to the plans for free use of the municipal collections.

In the new exhibition, the audio pieces in the Schumann Salon, the works by Clara and Robert to be studied in the Audio Cabinet and the three Visualised Features in the Marriage Experiment Room are particularly inviting. A thematic intensity unfolds in the smallest of spaces, which at the same time conveys many further points of intellectual connection to our present day.

Encounters and exchange are also intensified in the events on offer. In addition to the concerts, the word makes its way into the historic Schumann Hall. Three times a year, the Entdeckersalon (Discoverers' Salon) focuses on Leipzig's music publishers and presents composers of our time. In Krämers Gedankensalon, chansonnier Sebastian Krämer and philosopher Felix Krämer discuss with personalities from literature, research or journalism.

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