New exhibition

“Experiment of an artist marriage” – the Schumanns years in Leipzig

The new permanent exhibition in the Schumann-Haus is conceived as a museum of a partnership, rendering it unique among museums devoted to musicians. A newlywed couple moves into the Inselstraße. They dream of an artist marriage on equal terms. Both have chosen a partner who complements their skill set. Equality between a man and a woman, however, is not yet recognized in 19th century society. Some of the themes of the exhibition will be the creative team of husband and wife with a role shift, the different working and living conditions of both artists, as well as the balancing act between concert tours, concentrated work, and family duties – how did the Schumanns face these challenges?


September 13th, 2019
Opening ceremony for the new exhibition (private event)

September 14th, 2019
Official opening of the exhibition as part of the street festival on Inselstraße

I don’t let  my art lie idle, I would have to reproach myself forever.



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