Sound room

Making music with the room

The centerpiece of this room is the sound installation of the artist Erwin Stache. To him, it was crucial that “the visitor has the possibility of musical play in the room. The objects hanging from the ceiling are either from Schuman’s time or indicate technological inventions of the time.  Every object, when you stand beneath it, causes tones, noises, or entire musical pieces to sound.”

An inspiring sound installation by the artist Erwin Stache

The Sound Room, which is designed in the style of the Biedermeier-period, has proven itself an enriching addition to the museum in the Schumann-Haus Leipzig. The centerpiece of this room is the sound installation by the artist Erwin Stache. Here, the history of the house is impressively connected to the current vibrant purpose as a museum, event location, and musical primary school.

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The Sound Room is open to every visitor, young and old, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on every weekend of the year, as well as during school holidays in Saxony. Additionally, the Schumann Society offers engaging workshops for school classes and adults alike, which enable participants to experience the Sound Room’s possibilities for experimentation in a group setting.
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