ARTE visited the Schumann House

For the ARTE programme "Stadt Land Kunst", Heinz Cadera and his cameraman visited the Schumanns' flat in Inselstraße. They roamed Leipzig in Clara's footsteps with historian Ingrid Bodsch and filmed in the Schumann House with pianist Claar ter Horst and musicologist Frances Falling. The result is an impressive picture of Clara Schumann and her attachment to music, nature and the culturally exciting city of Leipzig in the 19th century. At the same time, it is a heartfelt invitation to plan the next possible trip to the city of music.

Every day, ARTE invites you to take a trip to special places that stand out for their artistic, cultural or scenic heritage. The programme "Stadt Land Kunst" can be seen from Monday to Friday at 1 p.m. on the television programme and is available in the media library for several months.

???????? www.arte.tv/de/videos/098995-002-A/stadt-land-kunst/

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