Schumann's Salon | A Musical Walk to Syracuse


"A musical walk to Syracuse"
Texts by Johann Gottfried Seume combined with songs and opera arias by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Ferdinando Orlandi, Marcos Portugal and others.

In this concert programme, the familiar and the unfamiliar unite in a sonorous travel companion to Seume's great walk. It consists of music that Seume knew as well as music that was completely new to him in the respective cities when he arrived. Through readings from Seume's Walk to Syracuse, which lively frame the musical programme, songs, opera arias and instrumental music are brought closer to the social context of their time.

Taryn Knerr | Soprano
Henrik Hochschild | Violin
Howard Arman | piano


Tickets: 20/15 EUR (reduced) plus advance booking fee
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