Schumann's Salon | Twilight


A composition of music by Alban Berg, Steffen Schleiermacher, Gustav Mahler, Leoš Janáček for voice and piano. Anna Michelsen, mezzo-soprano, and Anja Kleinmichel, piano, create a flowing programme between psychogram-like miniatures and epic form, which leads into the space of mental state descriptions, into the space of longing and expectation.

Alban Berg from "Seven Early Songs" and Piano Sonata op.1
Leoš Janáček from "Intimate Sketches" for piano
Steffen Schleiermacher from: Eichendorff -Lieder (2020)
Gustav Mahler from "Rückert-Lieder

Anna Michelsen | mezzo-soprano
Anja Kleinmichel | piano

Tickets: 20/15 EUR (reduced) plus box office fee

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